The Cville Host (Friendship Partner) Program is now open for sign-ups for international students and scholars who have been in Charlottesville for less than 18 months.  Be sure to forward this link to any new incoming international friends that you know of so that they will not be left out. 

What is the Cville Host (Friendship Partner) Program?

UVA International students are matched with an American individual or family. These hosts are kind, culturally-sensitive volunteers who are excited to learn about you and your culture.  You and your Cville Host spend time together...some examples of activities might include:

  • Eating a meal together
  • Provide leadership mentoring
  • Going shopping together
  • Attending a musical, cultural, or sporting event together
  • Observing an American church service
  • Just talking and getting to know one another

Friendship Partners usually get together about once per month. They either email,

text, or call about once per week. The time period covered by the match is about one year.  ISI Hosts (Friendship Partners) generally try to be as helpful as possible whether their friend is learning more about American culture, practicing English, trying to get adjusted to a new place, or just having fun.

Internationals can be undergraduates or graduates who have been in Charlottesville less than 18 months.

How Can I Be Matched with a Friendship Partner?

Just fill out the form below.  If the form doesn't appear below, please click here.  If neither form works, please just email you information to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Please be patient.  It sometimes takes a few weeks to get everyone matched.  Then keep in touch and let us know how it's going!

In China, please use this form: 

In China, please use this form:

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